Monday, February 1, 2016

Mind Conquers Fear: Insights from (Nearly) the Top of Camelback Mountain

A few weeks ago, I found myself perched on a rock high above the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Although I love hiking, I don't do well with heights and this rocky scramble of a hike was more than I was comfortable with. Hopping across the boulders was fun; climbing up a sheer rock wall above a narrow ledge, not so much! Before the hike, I was worried about running into scorpions or snakes or killer bees. During the hike, my only concern  was staying on the trail. If a slide didn't kill one, it was bound to be completely agonizing, judging by the number of boulders and cactuses strewn across the slopes! There were stretches where I had to force myself to focus on the path ahead of me, because the slightest glimpse of the golf course way below immediately had me imagining what it would feel like to go barreling down the slope!