Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week-Past-Your-Due-Date Carrot Cake

Photograph of the carrot cakePregnancy is a magical time! But at some point, you just get tired of huffing and puffing up the stairs, struggling to tie your own shoelaces, and running to the bathroom every few minutes.

So here you are, 42 weeks pregnant, with no sign of labor. Your doctor keeps talking about pitocin, but the thought of an induction sends you into a panic. You want your body to be in control of this birth! You want this birth to be natural from start to finish!  You don’t want to deal with the powerful camelback contractions that an induction can kick off! A quick google search reveals dozens of old wives’ tales on how to get labor started.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Inspiration at the Lake

This morning on my walk around the lake, I came across an elderly couple gearing up for a photo session. It was a beautiful, crisp Autumn morning – the sky was reflected on the water and the trees around the lake sported bold patches of crimson and gold. As I approached, the lady (who must have been close to 80) turned to face her partner. With the magnificent lake behind her, she flung down her walking stick and, beaming widely, threw up her arms in a victory pose. The elderly gentleman fumbled with his camera to capture what must have been a prize photo. I exchanged smiles with passersby on the path – what a treat to witness such joie de vivre!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mind Conquers Fear: Insights from (Nearly) the Top of Camelback Mountain

A few weeks ago, I found myself perched on a rock high above the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Although I love hiking, I don't do well with heights and this rocky scramble of a hike was more than I was comfortable with. Hopping across the boulders was fun; climbing up a sheer rock wall above a narrow ledge, not so much! Before the hike, I was worried about running into scorpions or snakes or killer bees. During the hike, my only concern  was staying on the trail. If a slide didn't kill one, it was bound to be completely agonizing, judging by the number of boulders and cactuses strewn across the slopes! There were stretches where I had to force myself to focus on the path ahead of me, because the slightest glimpse of the golf course way below immediately had me imagining what it would feel like to go barreling down the slope!