Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Moms Need Summer Fun Too!

I just attended my first ballet class in TWENTY-THREE YEARS! We pliéd; we tendued; we waved our arms around in wide graceful arcs; and I chasséd right into one of the other dancers. I loved every minute of it! Afterwards, my mom-friend and I had a drink at Lucia’s and agreed that ballet was very slow, but that slow was good and that we’d have beautiful postures by the end of the eight-week course. And now as I sit here with my peppermint tea, toes aching, I feel so happy and alive. Thanks, Anna, for dragging me off to the dance studio tonight and for showing me that moms need to spend time on themselves too. I was completely overwhelmed – summers are such a difficult work/mom juggling act. But now I feel energized and calm, and ready to pirouette through the next challenging week of sweaty madness!